• October 3, 2016: The Division of Quality Improvement application (new QA) will not be available from 6:45am until 11:00am to allow for the deployment of system upgrades. Please contact your local Help Desk or email the IMS Help Desk (help.desk@opwdd.ny.gov) if you have any questions.

The Basic Security for the Web - Login
By logging into this application, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:
  • This system and all data are the property of the New York State Office For People With Developmental Disabilities(OPWDD).
  • Unauthorized use or attempted unauthorized use of this system is not permitted and may constitute a federal or state crime. Such use may subject you to appropriate enforcement action.
  • Use of this system is only permitted with the express consent of the OPWDD.
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Any use, authorized or not, constitutes express consent for authorized personnel to monitor, intercept, record, read, copy, access or capture such information for use or disclosure in any manner without additional prior notice. Users have no legitimate expectation of privacy during any use of this system or in any data on this system.
Clinical information, including records that identify or tend to identify individuals served or proposed to be served by OPWDD and its certified providers, is confidential and can only be disclosed in accordance with Mental Hygiene Law sec. 33.13.

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