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Critical Message Center Account Change Information

As a result of constantly improving applications and systems at OPWDD, we have begun transitioning to a new method of securely corresponding with outside agencies. OPWDD will be retiring the current Secure Message Center (SMC) and moving to a new email encryption service provided by Zix Corporation. This new service will allow OPWWD employees the ability to securely send email messages directly to your corporate email address.

In order to ensure that you continue to receive secure communications from OPWDD, in the near future we will be asking each SMC account holder to provide an external email address that they wish to use to replace their current SMC account. Since you may currently be receiving communications from several different business units within OPWDD, you may be asked to provide this information more than once. We anticipate that this transition will be completed in the coming months, however it is important for you to note that once you have provided your external email address to the OPWDD staff you normally communicate with, you should continue to monitor your SMC account until the transition has been completed.

When you start receiving secure email from OPWDD to the email address you have provided, the security that your own email system provides will determine how you receive these messages. In most cases it will arrive in your inbox and look like any other message you receive, except it will contain a stamp in the message body stating that it was delivered to you securely. In some instances, your email system may not be able to accommodate this method of secure delivery, so Zix will send you a notification message similar to what is shown below. (Note, some email systems identify this notification as SPAM so check your spam folder if you are expecting a message). This notification will provide you with a direct link to the encrypted message, which is stored in a secure web portal for 365 days. This web portal functions much like any other web based email system and allows you to securely reply and compose messages to any OPWDD employee. For more information on how the portal works, see the documentation at the link provided below.

For more information see:

Due to the many diverse email systems and configuration options in use today, it is not always possible to pre-determine exactly how you will receive secured messages from OPWDD. This new technology utilizes several methods to deliver messages securely, all of which depend on your own email system.s capabilities. As a result, it is important for you to remember that it remains the responsibility of the sender to protect PHI and HIPAA protected data. If you are unsure of your email system.s capability to reply securely, please refer to your IT staff for assistance.

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